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Anodizing is a process of electrolysis used on aluminum alloys to increase corrosion resistance and to allow coloring. The common colors are clear, bronze, and black. These finishes are highly recommended in coastal areas and are perfect matches for many building skins. Light bronze, medium bronze and other common colors are also available. (Limited to aluminum)

The flagpole Ball is installed into the internal or external truck as the finishing touch at the top of the flagpole. It is the most commonly used flagpole ornament and is offered in a variety of finish options.

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The measure of the diameter at the base of pole.

Spring-loaded, self-locking, cam cleat mechanism that pinches the rope, allowing it to be adjusted easily, and quickly released when under load. Used in Internal Halyard Rope Based Flagpoles.

A cast aluminum cleat is used to secure the halyard on External Halyard Flagpoles.  The rope is wrapped around the cleat to prevent the flag from raising or lowering.

Used on External Halyard Flagpoles, a cast aluminum cleat cover is used to protect against stealing or vandalism of the flag. 

A collar for the base of a flagpole that is made of spun aluminum, stainless steel, steel, bronze or fiberglass. The collar rests at the base of the flagpole to protect the ground sleeve from the elements. A clear waterproof silicon caulk is applied to seal the collar to the pole.

Cone Tapered designs consist of a lower, non-tapered portion of the flagpole followed by a straight taper extending to the top of the flagpole. Cone Tapered is the industry standard.

An External Halyard Flagpole consists of the rigging system being located on the outside of the flagpole. A rope runs up the shaft of the flagpole to a truck assembly located at the top, where it passes through a pulley. The rope then returns back down the shaft to be tied off to an external cleat typically located 4 ½’ above grade. External truck assemblies can be stationary or revolving. The revolving truck is available with a single pulley or double pulley. A single revolving external halyard flagpole is the Industry Standard.

A ball, eagle, cross, spear or decorative ornament at the top of a flagpole.

A rope or stainless steel cable used for raising and lowering a flag. 

Thickness of a pole.

A stainless steel manually operated reel winch is used to raise and lower the flag while operating an Internal Halyard Cable Based Flagpole. A removable crank handle inserted into the drum allows you to wind up or let out the wire cable.