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External Halyard System

Standard Flagpoles include an external halyard system. The rope(s) run down the outside of the flagpole and are fastened using a cleat. While this system is the most widely used, variations due occur. Commercial ground set flagpoles are supplied with a revolving truck, where residential and wall mounted poles come standard with a stationary truck. Also, revolving trucks are available with a single pulley (one rope) or a double pulley (two ropes). Each section describes the standard fittings.

Double Revolving Truck
Revolving type cast aluminum body with stainless steel needle bearings mounted on an aluminum spindle with one cast aluminum sheave that rotates on 1/2″ diameter dual pins.
Self Aligning Field Joint
Shafts over 27″ may be shipped in sections. a shop tested, machined sleeve is provided for field joining (friction fit) of the sections with just a hairline joint visible.

Winch System – Internal Halyard – Vandal Deterrent System

The Internal Winch System consists of a highly flexible stainless steel cable, which is routed through the interior of the flagpole shaft. The cable is attached to a gearless positive locking winch that allows the display of the flag at any position on the pole. The cable is routed over two pulleys inside the revolving truck and ends with a neoprene ball block to prevent jamming at the poles top. Then, an arrangement, the length of each flag to be flown, is attached. At the bottom of this arrangement a beaded sling encircles the pole and keeps the flag tight against the flagpole. The neoprene-coated counterweight allows for proper lowering of the flag. A removable winch handle is used to raise and lower the flag through an access hole in the pole. A flush-hinged door with a cylinder lock is provided to access and maintain the winch and cable. The winch system is suitable for all poles larger than 5.5″‘ in diameter.

Internal Cam System – Internal Halyard – Vandal Deterrent System

A more cost-effective, vandal-proof internal halyard system. The cam cleat replaces the winch and the door is removable allowing for access to operate the halyard. Standard nylon rope is used in lieu of stainless steel cable and a stationary truck instead of a revolving truck. This system can be used in 5″ diameter poles and above. The cam system is not recommended on poles 35′ and above. Consult factory for available sizes.

This system consists of a nylon rope, which is routed through the interior of the flagpole shaft and is attached to cam cleat mechanism. A flush access door at ground level allows access to the concealed cam cleat. The beaded sling encircling the pole, keeps the flag tight against the flagpole and a neoprene counter weight allows for proper lowering and raising of the flag . The cam system allows for the display of the flag at any position on the pole. 

This assembly is supplied with a standard stationary truck. An optional revolving truck is available.