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Fabricated from seamless, extruded tubing complying with ASTM B241, alloy 6063-T6, with a minimum yield strength of 30,000 psi. The rate of taper is 1’” every 5’-6”. High strength, low maintenance, low weight, and cost make aluminum poles the most popular in the industry. Aluminum is available in satin brush, anodized and painted finishes.

Stainless Steel

Construction from Type 316 alloy and have a rate of taper of 1” every 7.14 feet. Stainless steel poles are maintenance free and are the highest strength poles available. Stainless steel is available in AISI #4 (Satin Brush) through AISI #7 (Mirror) finishes.


Made of carbon steel and have a rate of taper of 1” every 7.14 feet. The recent popularity of large flags has brought about resurgence in the use of large steel poles. Steel offers a high strength pole with low initial cost. Galvanized and new paint finishes have reduced maintenance costs in recent years.

Bronze Alloy

Fabricated out of CDA Alloy 230 Red Brass. They are used primarily in outstanding architectural projects of historical or national significance. Available finishes include satin brush with clear lacquer coating and statuary antique (oxidized).


Manufactured with a custom designed unidirectional fiberglass woven roving and polyester resin. The hard glossy gel cost surface finish resists soiling and scratching. Standard color is white. Custom colors are available